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Travel Guide to Brenham, Texas


Blue Bell Creamery

Anyone who has lived in Texas can recite the state’s food staples by heart – chili, barbecue and jalapenos. But what’s for dessert? Blue Bell Ice Cream, of course. 
The little creamery in Brenham, as it’s known, has been making butter since 1907 and dishing out bowls of ice cream since 1911. By using only the freshest ingredients and producing a variety of flavors, the company boasts over 60% of all ice cream sales in major Texas markets.
Visitors are invited to take a 45-minute tour of the facilities, which includes a short, informative video, a walk through a museum with early Blue Bell artifacts and ends only when everyone receives a scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Visitors should call ahead before visiting to check on the status of tours. Groups of 15 or more are required to make prior reservations. A small fee is charged for the tour. For more information about visiting the Blue Bell Creamery, visit

Ellison’s Greenhouse

Visitors to Ellison’s Greenhouse are invited to shop in the Garden and Specialty Gift Shop year-round. However, every November, visitors get a special treat when they’re allowed to enter the greenhouses for Ellison’s Poinsettia Celebration. The two-day festival brings plant lovers the opportunity to explore the inner workings of a whole-sale plant outlet while also browsing gift items and enjoying food, music and other Christmas traditions. 

Ellison’s is famous for its “Texas Sized” poinsettias, which grow to be six feet tall. One is taken to the White House for Christmas every year, along with a card signed by all Poinsettia Celebration participants. For more information, call (979) 836-0084 or visit Ellison’s is located at 1808 South Horton Street in Brenham, Texas.

Monastery of St. Clare Miniature Horse Ranch

Located outside of Brenham, the Monastery of St. Clare Miniature Horse Ranch is where Franciscan Poor Clare Nuns raise miniature horses. By selling the horses and selling other handmade crafts, the nuns support themselves and their ministry. 

The ranch is open to visitors from 2 to 4 p.m. daily, where one can visit the gift shop, chapel and the horses. There is no fee for visiting the grounds, but donations are accepted. The ranch is located at 9300 Hwy 105 outside of Brenham. For more information, call (979) 836-9652 or visit

Wildflower Viewing

Washington county is one of many places in the Texas Hill Country where one can see beautiful wildflowers growing during the spring. However, the Brenham Chamber of Commerce makes it especially easy for area visitors to find the best flower trails by providing a map with marked “Bluebonnet Trails.” The map is available online at or by contacting the Chamber of Commerce at 1-888-Brenham.

Brenham Heritage Museum

The Brenham Heritage Museum is a former U.S. Post Office building that was built in 1915. In 1991, it became a museum which houses exhibits that allow visitors to better understand the history of the area. Next to the museum is a Silsby Steam Fire Engine that was purchased by Brenham in 1879. 

In addition to its usual displays and rotating exhibits, the museum offers several festivals and gatherings every year, including an ice cream festival, Christmas stroll and a Juneteenth celebration.

The museum is located at 105 South Market, at the corner of Main and Market Streets in downtown Brenham. For more information, visit or call (979) 830-8445.

Cotton Gin Museum

Brenham’s Cotton Gin Museum is dedicated to educating visitors about the vital impact of the cotton gin on Washington County’s society and business in the early 1900s. The gin is one of the only early, automated cotton gins that is still in its original location. Its buildings and other elements are still in very good shape, mostly in their last-used condition. 

For more information about the Cotton Gin Museum, visit the website at or call (979) 289-3378. There is an admission fee.

Antique Rose Emporium

The Antique Rose Emporium is a beautiful attraction that is designed to showcase roses, plants native to Texas and other beautiful plants. The eight-acre showplace contains beautifully landscaped gardens and historic buildings including a Victorian home. 

For more information, contact the Emporium at (979) 836-5548 or by visiting the website at The Antique Rose Emporium is located at 9300 Lueckemeyer Rd in Brenham.

Chapell Hill Museum

The Chapell Hill Historical Museum is located in a former public school building that was built in 1927. Chapell Hill is located between Brenham and Hempstead in Washington County. The museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the small town of Chapell Hill. The museum is often the site of celebrations and festivals.

For more information, go to or call (979)836-6033.

Glasco & Co. Landscaping Inc.

Glasco & Co. offers plant lovers a real treat. With spectacular water gardens, English gardens and other landscaping, gardeners can not only shop for plants and supplies, but also for ideas. There is also a downtown gift shop location that sells unique gifts and dishes out ice cream treats. 

The downtown gift shop is located at 201 East Main Street and can be called at (979) 836-3258. Glasco’s other location is at 601 N. Horton and can be phoned at (979) 836-7039. For additional information, go to

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