Hill Country

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Hill Country (4th Edition)

Texans are fortunate to live in a state with many faces, and one of the most beautiful areas of all is the Texas Hill Country, known throughout Texas for its rolling hills, crystal clear rivers and historic towns. So how does someone learn about all the fabulous things the Texas Hill Country has to offer? Hill Country (4th Edition) from The Texas Monthly Guidebooks series packs an abundance of educational information in to a guide that leads readers step by step to many of the most interesting places in the region.

Richerd Zelade’s guidebook takes readers on adventure after adventure to some of the big-name tourism sites in the Hill Country, as well as the hidden gems, often overlooked by visitors. Historic churches, restaurants, bakeries, ranches, butcher shops and outdoor recreation sites are described in detail, along with helpful information, like history, addresses, phone numbers and directions. 

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Hill Country