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The San Antonio Missions
Although the Alamo is a well-known San Antonio attraction, many who visit do not realize that the city also contains several other historic missions. These missions, in which regular masses are still conducted, were built in by the Spanish in order to  <more...>

The Institute of Texan Cultures
The Institute of Texan Cultures is one of three University of Texas at San Antonio campuses located in the city.
Opened in 1968 as the Texas Pavilion at the Hemis Fair, the exhibit did so well that it was expanded and has been open ever since. It contains over 50,000 <more...>

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La Villita
La Villita was first the site of a Coahuiltecan Indian village, which was probably erected in the early 1700s. The area was opened to, and gradually, many came to call <more.>

The Majestic Theatre
Finished in 1929, the Majestic Theatre is one of San Antonioís most beautiful displays of historic architecture. Designed by John Eberson, this structure offers visitors the opportunity to sit among elaborate chandeliers, intricately crafted wall designs (including peacocks and cupids) and a domed ceiling, on which stars twinkle and clouds drift. <more...>

Casa Navarro State Historical Park
Operated by the San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation since 1975, the Casa Navarro State Historical Park is hidden on less than an acre of land in downtown San Antonio. 

The Guenther House
This home is one of the premier homes in the King William District, residing at the foot of King William Street. The home was built in 1860 by Carl Guenther  <more...>

The King William Historic District 
This historic area is located in downtown San Antonio and well-known for its beautiful historic homes. During the decades following the Civil War, many prominent business owners in San Antonio built homes in this area. The King William District became the heart of the cityís thriving German community. 

Spanish Governor's Palace
The Spanish Governor's Palace dates back to 1749, when it was used to house military commanders sent to manage Villa de San Fernando, an early settlement in San Antonio. <more...>

The Steves Homestead
Yet another beautiful home located in the King William district, the Steves Homestead Museum is a three-story structure that was built in Victorian French

The Menger
The Menger Hotel is a National Landmark and one of San Anotonioís most famous hotels. Located next to the Alamo and near Rivercenter mall, the hotel houses ornately decorated rooms. However, the hotelís rooms <more...>

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san antonio history

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san antonio history