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One of the most famous battles fought in Texas is the 1840 Battle of Plum Creek, which took place near Lockhart. The Comanche Indians went through the Guadalupe valley, attacking settlers and plundering and burning settlements. A group of volunteers gathered with the Texas Rangers and fought the Comanche Indians at Plum Creek. The settlers won, forcing the Comanches to retreat to the west. 

After the Plum Creek Fight, families began setting in the area and a town was organized by 1848. The Civil War caused hard times to fall on Lockhart, and after the war’s conclusion, it became even worse. By the 1870s, Lockhart had gained a reputation for being a rough area. There were murders, shootouts, robberies and barroom brawls. 


Texas is famous for its barbecue, and within Texas, Lockhart takes the cake for having the best ribs, brisquit, sausage and steaks in the Lone Star State. 

Named the “Barbecue Capital of Texas” by the Texas Legislature in the spring of 1999, Lockhart is home to several of the oldest and best-known meat markets and barbecue restaurants in America. 

Black’s Barbecue
Black’s Barbecue is the oldest Texas barbecue restaurant to be opened and continuously operated by the same family. Since 1932, Black’s has been serving up down-home barbecue like brisket, pork ribs and loin, chicken, ham and sausage. Heralded by prestigious publications like “The New York Times” and “Texas Monthly,” the restaurant has gained nation-wide fame. 
In addition to its delicious barbecue, Black’s offers visitors the option to eat off of butcher paper, or eat cafeteria style, where a variety of side dishes are offered. 
Black’s is located 215 North Main Street. For more information, call (512) 398-2712.

Kreuz Market
Kreuz Market is yet another of Lockhart’s famed barbecue restaurants. Although it was established in 1900, it recently moved to a new location, where visitors experience an atmosphere of rustic antiquity. 

There are no side dishes at Kreuz, but the meat can be enjoyed with all the traditional sides, like avocado, onion, cheese and tomatoes. No eating utensils are used, except the “one at the end of your arm.” 

To find out how to order Kreuz food products by mail, visit www.kreuzmarket.com or call (512) 398-2361. Kreuz Market is located at 619 N. Colorado Street.

Chisholm Trail Barbecue
This cafeteria-style dining experience is one of the newer barbecue endeavors in the Lockhart area. Started in the 1970s, Chisholm Trail jumped into the running to compete with Kreuz Market and Black’s. However, it is evident that Chisholm Trail holds its own. It has been listed by “Texas Monthly” as one of Texas’ best barbecue restaurants.
The restaurant offers a variety of side dishes in addition to its meat selection. Catfish is also served several nights a week. It is also open later than its barbecue restaurant competitors, serving dinner seven days a week. 
For more information about Chisholm Trail Barbecue, call (512) 398-6027.

Smitty’s Market
Smitty’s is the newest addition to Lockhart’s barbecue lineup, but it is a part of a much older barbecue dynasty. Located in Kreuz Market’s former home, Nina Schmidt Sells, Smitty’s founder, is the daughter of Kreuz Market’s deceased barbecue master, Edgar “Smitty” Schmidt. 
A family dispute over Kreuz Market led Nina’s brother, Rick Schmidt, to move Kreuz to a new location, and Nina opened Smitty’s in its place. The restaurant serves its wares on brown butcher paper with all the extras, including onion, tomato, pickles, cheese and beans. 
Smitty’s is located at 208 South Commerce. For more information, including hours, call (512) 398-9344. 


Chisholm Trail Roundup
Every year, over 30,000 people gather to celebrate the Chisholm Trail Roundup. Held in Lockhart City Park, the celebration spans four days and includes a rodeo, carnival, dancing, auction, arts and crafts fair, kids fishing contest, golf tournament, parades and many other events.  Admission is charged. For more information, contact the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce at (512) 398-2818.

Eugene Clark Library
Lockhart is home to the Eugene Clark Library, Texas’ oldest continually operating library and the first city library built in Texas. The two-story building was built in 1899 and dedicated in 1900. 

The library has a performance area from which William Howard Taft spoke many years ago. Several special events and programs are held each year, including a pre-school story hour, summer reading club, book sales and celebrations. 

For more information about the library, visit the website  or call (512) 398-3223. It is located at 217 South Main Street in Lockhart. 

Lockhart State Park
Lockhart State Park is over 250 acres of beautiful land. Clear Fork Creek meanders through the land, giving fishermen and women plenty of opportunity to catch bass, catfish and sunfish. 

Also open to the public is a swimming pool, golf course, and picnic areas. For a rental fee, visitors can use a the recreation hall and camping areas with sewer, water and electricity hookups. 

The park has an impressive collection of wildlife, including deer coyote, bobcat, fox, raccoon, rabbits, birds, snakes and other animals that are native to Texas. 

In order to make reservations or find out more about Lockhart State Park, visit www.tpwd.state.tx.us/park/lockhart/lockhart.htm or call (512) 389-8900. An admission fee is charged per vehicle that enters the park.

Fourth of July Family Picnic

A Dickens Christmas
Every first Saturday in December, the Eugene Clark Library hosts A Dickens Christmas. The Victorian celebration begins with a parade and continues throughout the day with costume contests, productions and a small street fair. In the evening, the festival concludes with the lighting of the yule log in order to symbolize the Christmas season.

For more information about A Dickens Christmas, contact the Eugene Clark Library.

Lockhart is lucky to have two theaters that bring culture and arts to the town. The Lockhart Community Theatre and the Gaslight Theater present plays and musicals throughout the year. Comedies, mysteries and other productions thrill audience members as they watch local actors and actresses perform. 

For more information about Lockhart Community Theater, go to www.lockhart.net/lockhartcommunitytheater/ For information about the Gaslight Theater, visit their website.


Lockhart provides shoppers with ample destinations for antique enthusiasts. From Archway Antiques to Lay Road Antiques, the shops offer a variety of wares, from art and furniture to accessories and collectibles. The Victorian Rose also sells vintage costumes and clothing. For those interested in vintage radios, Neon Radio offers hundreds of radios dating back as far as the 1920s. For a complete listing of Lockhart’s antique shops, visit www.lockhart-tx.org/antiques.html

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