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The Spanish Missions

Although the Alamo is a well-known San Antonio attraction, many who visit do not realize that the city also contains several other historic missions. These missions, in which regular masses are still conducted, were built in by the Spanish in order to convert Native Americans to the Catholic faith. These facilities also served as important economic, educational and agricultural centers. 

The south side of San Antonio is home to Mission Nuestra Senor de la Purismo Concepcion, Mission San Francisco de Espada, Mission San Juan de Capistrano, and the largest and most complete mission, Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo. 

The Acequia 
Acequias were a progressive concept that allowed residents of the missions to use canals and ditches to provide water to crops in their fields.  <more...>

Mission Concepción
Mission Concepción, known as one of the most beautiful missions in Texas, is the oldest unrestored Catholic Church in the United States.

Mission San Francisco de la Espada
Although much of Mission Espada has fallen to ruins, visitors can still see the its quaint chapel, where bilingual church services are still held every week. <more...>

Mission San Jose
The largest mission in San Antonio, Mission San Jose is famous for its elaborate architecture, intricate sculptures and carved wooden doors.  <more...>

Mission San Juan Capistrano
Often described as “pastoral,” Mission San Juan is located in peaceful and beautiful isolated area.
Mission San Juan is a much more simple structure than the other missions. Its original construction included a small, flat-roofed chapel, granary and friary. Later, construction began on what was to be a larger and more elaborate church, but as the population decreased, the project was <more...>

Contact the National Park Headquarters at 
(210) 534-8833 for additional information.

Mission San Francisco de Espada: 10040 Espada Road
Mission San Juan de Capistrano: 9101 Graf Road
Mission Nuestra Senora de Concepcion: 807 Mission Road
Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo: 6701 San Jose Drive

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san antonio missions

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san antonio missions